Russian Arms Deals and Growing Russian Islamic Influence Point to Prophecy

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As I reported earlier, the greed of the Russian Criminal-Military complex is driving more and more weapons deals with Middle-Eastern states hostile to Israel. Now, Janes Defense reports in an article:

Advancing geo-strategic interests are clearly part and parcel of Moscow’s motivations. Russian policy makers believe that their extensive arms transfers enhance Moscow’s ties with Arab governments – – – Jane’s Defense Weekly

In Russia itself, the nation’s Muslim growing population will become a factor, and many experts including Paul Gobel, predict Russia will be an Islamic nation as this population exerts its influence. This factor will no doubt further enhance Russia’s foreign policy against Israel.

Again, as predicated by Bible, Russia, the historic “Magog,” will eventually be drawn with its military might into a conflict on the side that seeks the destruction of Israel.

The Organized Crime Syndicate with Nuclear Weapons

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What if the world’s largest organized crime syndicate had control one of the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons delivery network?

This comic-book scenario is in fact what has happened with Russia. Russia’s Putin is effectively the world’s most powerful crime boss, and he’s acting like one. This year two high profile assassinations have made headlines. First high profile journalist Anna Politkovskaya, longtime critic of Putin, and now Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian Federal Security Service member turned Putin critic and co-author of “Blowing Up Russia: Terror from Within.” Litvinenko’s death, since he sought asylum in the UK, demanded more high-tech methods; he was killed with a highly concentrated radioactive isotope polonium-210, what Litvinenko’s father called a “tiny nuclear bomb.” However, these deaths are just the ones making headlines; the Russian crime boss is undertaking a policy of assassination and widespread intimidation against critics. This U.S. government report describes the rise of organized crime in Russian politics since the transition from the Soviets.

So why worry? This is no ordinary crime syndicate. Russia, with new oil and crime money, is building it’s nuclear armed forces. This buildup is going unnoticed in the west. While the Soviets were more ideologically driven, this new Russia is even more volatile, as it seeks money and power as objectives. This has prompted Russia to join forces with the highest bidder, in this case Iran’s Islamic extremist dictator. The Russian connection with the Iranian nuclear effort is clear, and recently Iran and Russia are more openly pushing their close relationship. Russia recently sold Iran the most sophisticated anti-missle system in the world.

The most interesting aspect here is this alliance was predicted in the Bible, in the ancient book of Ezekiel over 2,500 years ago. In Ezekiel 3839 Magog, the descendants of modern day Russia, join forces with Persia (Iran) and other nations in an attack on Israel. Now Russia is becoming increasingly more hostile to Israel, while cementing ties with the very nations mentioned in this ancient text. A wise person should pay attention and watch as this prophetic situation unfolds. Russia, the crime syndicate with nuclear weapons, is the one to watch.

Appeasement as World War Looms

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I’m not going to sugar-coat this. In a move eerily similar to Chamberlain’s failed “peace” mission just prior to Word War II and the first Holocaust, the Debka file has reported that the Tony Blair will be conducting meetings with Syrian officials in Damascus, preparing for a similar ill-conceived mission by the U.S. With the Bush administration self-destructing it now appears that the policy of appeasement will be followed. Even a so-called “Evangelical” mega-church pastor Rick Warren has joined in this very misguided and confused effort of appeasement. This is in the face of Gaza being used by Iran and Syria as yet another proxy war. Syria continues to assassinate any Lebanese leader who speaks against the Syrian takeover of this state. Ignoring the obvious evil, these appeasers only contribute to the death by encouraging Syrian and Iranian dictators.  The U.N. did not waver from its anti-Semitic stance by condemning Israel for defending its citizens while terrorists joyfully lob rockets into Israel, killing civilians.  Now much of the Jewish world is bracing for the escalating war as the enemy smells fear. This event is shaping up to be worldwide as North Korea and Iran are now openly joining forces.

Global Warming and Climate Change – Cosmic Rays vs. Humans

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In an earlier post I noted how there are peer-reviewed scientific studies that suggest solar activity is related to Global Warming. Now there are studies that suggest high energy cosmic rays can influence the climate. In Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences the “Experimental evidence for the role of ions in particle nucleation under atmospheric conditions” describes how levels of cosmic rays dramatically affect cloud formation. Since lower cosmic ray level result in less sun-shielding clouds; hence more heat.

The bottom line is that this kind of valid scientific analysis suggest the climate change picture is far more complex that human-caused “greenhouse gases.” The unfortunate reality is these studies are not being discussed by either the media or the political dialog in Washington or Europe. As a result, with Global Warming, people are being sold an ideologically driven belief sanctioned by the government. As the evidence mounts, it is clear that “Big Science” has lost all sense of objectivity in favor of the funding carrot of the politically motivated eco-religion.

A missing link in climate theory

The experimental results lend strong empirical support to the theory proposed a decade ago by Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen that cosmic rays influence Earth’s climate through their effect on cloud formation. The original theory rested on data showing a strong correlation between variation in the intensity of cosmic radiation penetrating the atmosphere and the amount of low-altitude clouds. Cloud cover increases when the intensity of cosmic rays grows and decreases when the intensity declines.

It is known that low-altitude clouds have an overall cooling effect on the Earth’s surface. Hence, variations in cloud cover caused by cosmic rays can change the surface temperature. The existence of such a cosmic connection to Earth’s climate might thus help to explain past and present variations in Earth’s climate.

Interestingly, during the 20th Century, the Sun’s magnetic field which shields Earth from cosmic rays more than doubled, thereby reducing the average influx of cosmic rays. The resulting reduction in cloudiness, especially of low-altitude clouds, may be a significant factor in the global warming Earth has undergone during the last century. However, until now, there has been no experimental evidence of how the causal mechanism linking cosmic rays and cloud formation may work.

‘Many climate scientists have considered the linkages from cosmic rays to clouds to climate as unproven,’ comments Eigil Friis-Christensen, who is now Director of the Danish National Space Center. ‘Some said there was no conceivable way in which cosmic rays could influence cloud cover. The SKY experiment now shows how they do so, and should help to put the cosmic-ray connection firmly onto the agenda of international climate research.’

Publication data

Published online in “Proceedings of the Royal Society A”, October 3rd

Title: ‘Experimental Evidence for the role of Ions in Particle Nucleation under Atmospheric Conditions’.

Authors: Henrik Svensmark, Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen, Nigel Marsh, Martin Enghoff and Ulrik Uggerhøj.

For more information and supporting material:
Requests for interview and original article:

— From|id=1159917791|udsk=1

Hatred of the Fundamentals

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Anti-ChristianBook1.jpg One effect of Islamic religious terrorism is to strengthen the Secular Humanistic bias against various forms of religious orthodoxy. One can see it in the use of the word “Fundamentalism” in the mainstream to refer to backward, violent religous people who really do not belong in the modern world. An overt extension of this meaning is that “Fundamentalism” is the root cause of the many of the world’s current ills.

In reality, the term Fundamentalism really refers particularly to Christians who closely study their text, the Bible, and adhere to its tenets:

1 a often capitalized : a movement in 20th century Protestantism emphasizing the literally interpreted Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching b : the beliefs of this movement c : adherence to such beliefs

Merriam-Webster Online Version, 2006

Secular Humanism in particular has been fixed on the demonization of Biblical Christianity by using Islamic violence to butress their hatred of Christians who dare to adhere to their beliefs:

Together, the two installments make vivid the fact that our Christian fundamentalists have the same hate list as their Muslim fundamentalists.

From 1988 to 1993, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences sponsored an interdisciplinary study known as The Fundamentalism Project, the largest such study ever done. More than 100 scholars from all over the world took part, reporting on every imaginable kind of fundamentalism. And what they discovered was that the agenda of all fundamentalist movements in the world is virtually identical, regardless of religion or culture.

The Fundmentalist Agenda, Davidson Loehr, January 2004

To be fair, there are violent extremists who use Christianity to rationalize their criminal acts. There should be no tolerance for the bombers of abortion clinics. However, this is hardly a common movement. The real point of this propaganda of equating Christian orthodoxy with Islamic violence is to capitalize on the current world situation to further marginalize and descriminate against a particular religious group. The net effect of this movement is an increasingly hostile climate against the Judeo-Christian ethics that were once central to this nation. As Islamic violence increases, much of it as in Sudan, Indonesia, and other nations directed against Jews and Christians, it ironically feeds the continued view that Fundmentalism is the problem, and must be wiped out. Like the scape-goats of 1930’s Germany, this ideology will lead only to widespread persecution and perhaps overt violence.

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Global Warming Deception

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It amazes me that even many Christians are falling for the Marxist deception that climate change is due to western civilization. Even if there is a global increase in temperature, many scientists are linking this to variability in the Solar cycle. Here’s just one abstract in many that are noting this connection.

GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 32, L18713, doi:10.1029/2005GL023849, 2005

Estimated solar contribution to the global surface warming using the ACRIM TSI satellite composite

N. Scafetta
Physics Department, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

B. J. West
Physics Department, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA
Mathematical and Information Science Directorate, U.S. Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA


We study, by using a wavelet decomposition methodology, the solar signature on global surface temperature data using the ACRIM total solar irradiance satellite composite by Willson and Mordvinov. These data present a +0.047%/decade trend between minima during solar cycles 21–23 (1980–2002). We estimate that the ACRIM upward trend might have minimally contributed ∼10–30% of the global surface temperature warming over the period 1980–2002.

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Study: Sun’s Changes to Blame for Part of Global Warming –

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More Indications of the New Fascism

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hugo_chavez2.jpgIn an earlier post, I indicated the anti-semitic ties between Iran and Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez. With the conflict in the Middle East heating up, Chavez’s anti-semetic remarks in conjunction with the Iran’s new Hitler have increased. Note this post from Olive Tree Ministries:

Caracas, Venezuela: Rebecca, a 44-year-old Jew born and raised here, says she and her husband “increasingly talk about whether we should stay in Venezuela.”
While her cousin and aunt have spent the past month in a bomb shelter in Haifa, Rebecca, who refuses to give her last name because her family does some work with the Venezuelan government, says she also feels “increasingly fearful” — not because of war but simply for being Jewish in Venezuela.

Read Full Article

Religious Harassment?

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I am a bit disturbed by the expansion of Harassment to include, apparently, the discussion of religion at work. Consider this typical example from training materials at a large U.S. corporation.

Harassment can also be based on religion. Religious harassment is wrong even when the harasser has no ill intent. For example, a person who tries to convert coworkers to a particular religion may be guilty of religious harassment.

Religious harassment can occur between members of different religious faiths, between members of different branches of one religion, between members of the same religion, and between the religious and the nonreligious.

–From training materials produced by

While I don’t think anyone should force another religion on anyone, the broad language here is dangerous, since the definition of harassment is largely in the mind of the recipient. A simple declaration of one’s faith at work could be twisted by some as harassment.

I see this type of low-level persecution in the U.S. of Judeo-Christian faith as only growing, unfortunately.

The Common Hatred of the Islamo-Fascists and Neo-Comms

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This decade has respawned the horrible fashion of the 1940’s- the anti-semitic dictator. The Islamo-fascists have a friend in the neo-comm Hugo Chavez. As told in the in the Weekly Standard, Chavez’s “Christmas” message says it all:

“The world is for all of us,” he said, “then, but it so happens that a minority, the descendents of the same ones that crucified Christ, the descendents of the same ones that kicked Bolivar out of here and also crucified him in their own way over there in Santa Marta, in Colombia. A minority has taken possession all of the wealth of the world . . . “

Hatred for the Jews is ripe in the world, but the free world is slow to recognize it. Our state department was blind sided when Hammas became the elected leaders in Gaza, and underestimated this pure hatred that unites the new Axis. I hope they see the same growing in our hemisphere. Thanks to Olive Tree Ministry for pointing this one out to me.

Quote from Koch

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Only a few still remember 9/11 and fully realize the terrible threat this country is under. Not since World War II have we been under such a dire threat, and in many ways this threat is much worse than Japan and Germany due to its use of our own free system against us. One such person who knows this is the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch. Here is a recent quote from the man:

“To me, that is the crux of the matter. There is a war of civilizations being waged in the world with the Islamic fanatics subliminally seeking to storm once again the gates of Vienna, where, in 1683, they were defeated. If by threats of terror against them, the great media institutions can be brought to their knees, we are in big trouble. Before this occurred, I had no doubt that, no matter how difficult, no matter how long the war we are now engaged in continues, the democracies of the world would win, as they did when first facing Hitler and later Stalin. Today, I am no longer so certain.”

From the World Here is the full article

The China Threat

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It’s my view that our lopsided trade relationship with Red China is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the negatives about this new Cold War adversary. The dumping of cheap goods on our shores, putting so many U.S. industries out of business, while at the same time systematically pirating billions of dollars of US software and using this illicit IT base to automate their industries is just one aspect.

Even more devious information has come out, including connections of high-level Chinese military to the selling of sophisticated weaponry (either Soviet or U.S. knock-offs) to both individual terrorist cells and to terrorist states. Conventional wisdom suggests that China is a partner of the war terror, but in reality Chinese weaponry and expertise are being used by Iran, Syria, and pre-invasion Iraq.

China spends hard cold cash in attempts to influence the U.S. political system. The Clinton era democratic scandal of soft money coming from China into the Clinton-Gore campaign is just one tiny visible example to a vast strategic effort by China to use our own political process against us.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that China’s military spending is growing and their training all points towards preparation of war with the U.S. Even their space program, which has been in the news with its high profile manned missions, is not like our NASA; it is controlled by the Chinese military and the design of their spacecraft are driven by military purposes, in particular the destruction of our satellite infrastructure. I believe that China’s goal is to use the moon as a base from which to launch anti satellite attacks.

North Korea is also has been viewed by the mainstream press as somehow detached from Chinese policy, while the stark reality is North Korea is very much under the control of Beijing, and to some degree is a the “pit bull” in China’s front yard. China feigns attempts to control North Korea, but it is Beijing’s billions that is keeping this despotic state going. with North Korea as its proxy towards arming America’s enemies.

The main argument given is against the above suppositions is “why would China destroy its own trading partner.” I actually think that China does not seek the wholesale destruction of the U.S., but rather it seeks to eliminate us as the reigning superpower and seeks eventual containment and control of our influence. It wants to enslave us to its means first by economic war and proxy support of our enemies, including those islamo-facist enemies, so we are involved in brush-fire wars, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I am neutral to the idea they where behind 9/11, but 9/11 did play into their hands.

Finally, as a Christian, I believe China is a force both against the U.S. and Israel. Prophecy in the book of Revelations (9:16) speaks of an army of 200 million going against Israel. China is the only nation who could field such a vast army.

See for more info on the general subject of China.

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