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People are afraid right now, and they are turning to the old human method of divination to predict an uncertain future, with a modern twist. There is a great deal of buzz about the “web bot project,” which supposedly uses Internet search crawlers (bots) and linguistic analysis to derive terms about future events, in particular the stock markets.  The makers claim to have predicted significant events such as the 9-11 attacks.  Sadly many who I otherwise respect cite this as some sort of authority.

While linguistic analysis itself has some science behind it, the whole explanation for how the bot prediction works is rooted in some new-age and occult beliefs about a “collective consciousness” (the force from Star Wars?). 

Humans have been using gimmicks to predict the future since they fell in the garden of Eden.  From the Grecian Oracle at Delphi, the I Ching, and, of course, the standard of 19th spiritualism, the Ouija board, all are attempts to establish an oracle contact with a nether realm where future events may be discerned.

It is easy to dismiss this as bunk, and clearly there is a great deal of deception here with those who would like some of your money in exchange for some predictions. However, the spirit world is a very real dimensional existance, and reaching out to it using the oracle methods, the Web Bot Project included, is an invitation that will be answered.  When a human reaches out to this realm, he circumvents protection and is like a honey to ants; any dark enitity will provide information in exchange for communication and recognition.

For the Web Bots, this would mean messages for future events that the dark entity may know about.  The rub is that the entity is not God, it is not 100% correct.  It also means those who use this divination are much more vulnerable to the entity and its minions itself.  Just like this world, there is no free lunch in the spirit world either.

The Bible’s warning about using using such methods is not some bogus Salem witch trial, but is designed to protect humans from falling prey to the deceptive beings and entities who will tease with predictions to achieve a foothold in a person’s life.   

Rather than occult oracles which are more often wrong than right, the Bible’s predictions are always 100% correct, since God knows the beginning from the end.  In ancient Israel, the test for a prophet was 100% correctness (Jeremiah 28:9).  The place to find answers is to seek God via his Word, not some modern day version of divination.


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  1. sage on Wed, 26th Nov 2008 12:15 am 

    i had done some research on web bot, it was not created for this use. it collects/or pinpoints certain words that are used a lot[something like that] kind of seeing what a lot of people are looking up or reading and then however it does it comes up with certain pharses or words. it is kind of like reading the minds of people BUT Not. i don’t think it is used or is implying that it is a predicting tool. i am a christian and have a personal relationship with Christ, but i don’t see this as anything evil.

  2. drywind on Wed, 26th Nov 2008 9:51 am 

    Hi Sage,
    Thanks for all your intelligent comments.

    I based my article on what the creators of the project say about how it works. I understand the concept of forecast via trends, but this is not how this project works in the words of the project creators

    The so-called “Time Monks” who run the project claim no scientific method, but rather allude to their complex lignuistic analysis as tapping into a spiritual force:

    The web bot technology apparently taps in to an area of preconscious awareness.
    The Global Consciousness Project registered what appears to have been a disturbance in “the force”. . . it was I Ching-like in wording.
    — From

    The Bible describes nothing like a amoral “force” or a Jungian collective unconscious. It is true the “force” of God can know the future since He is outside time, but God’s predictions via his prophets are 1) never wrong and 2) are very specific. In contrast the web bot predictions are never specific and not always correct.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the project may sometimes point to real events, but the results are very similar to the “M.O.” of familar spirits. I can tell you that the dark spritual and fallen angelic realm is capable of limited future prediction. I’m not sure how they do it, but it is accurate enough to impress thinking people for thousands of years, our time is no exception. The use of finding patterns in “randomness” is an indentifying feature, from the divination of animal organs in the Grecian Oracle, to the I Ching, the spritual manipulation of random patterns is an age old feature of divination.

    However, the information they give suites their dark purposes and may be lies or partial truths. Moreover, the information never comes for free; once they provide information to a person they will lay claim to ever increasing areas of a person’s life.

  3. sage on Wed, 26th Nov 2008 1:36 pm 

    thank you for the imformation, so i sat back and thought about what you said. and i do agree that “spirits” or forces outside our realm do and can influence everything around us. we all give off energy[for better lack of word] and we all pick up vibrations and thoughts even if we do not relizie it. i think that maybe this web bot is showing us by random words what people are thinking about. the spirit realm is very real, i have dealt with this all my life, so i am careful of a lot that i read as there is so much “junk” out there. as for the fallen angels “watchers” i do believe they are at play here and that a lot of what people are feeling right now, the unrest,chaos, that lost feeling is due to something more than the material condition of the world. spirits are powerful, we know that from Genesis all the way through the Bible. But i have to say i do find it a very fascinating subject.
    Thank you again for bringing these subjects to light.

  4. Susan Kimball on Fri, 2nd Oct 2009 7:54 am 

    Great article! I just recently made a short utube video regarding this matter. Very few Christians are speaking out on this subject! God bless

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