Appeasement as World War Looms

November 19, 2006 by  
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I’m not going to sugar-coat this. In a move eerily similar to Chamberlain’s failed “peace” mission just prior to Word War II and the first Holocaust, the Debka file has reported that the Tony Blair will be conducting meetings with Syrian officials in Damascus, preparing for a similar ill-conceived mission by the U.S. With the Bush administration self-destructing it now appears that the policy of appeasement will be followed. Even a so-called “Evangelical” mega-church pastor Rick Warren has joined in this very misguided and confused effort of appeasement. This is in the face of Gaza being used by Iran and Syria as yet another proxy war. Syria continues to assassinate any Lebanese leader who speaks against the Syrian takeover of this state. Ignoring the obvious evil, these appeasers only contribute to the death by encouraging Syrian and Iranian dictators.  The U.N. did not waver from its anti-Semitic stance by condemning Israel for defending its citizens while terrorists joyfully lob rockets into Israel, killing civilians.  Now much of the Jewish world is bracing for the escalating war as the enemy smells fear. This event is shaping up to be worldwide as North Korea and Iran are now openly joining forces.


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  1. N8 on Wed, 22nd Nov 2006 11:09 am 

    Don’t people understand that anytime someone takes a trip to Cuba, Viet Nam, Syria, Libya or any number of non-democratic countries, they may be being handled by government agents to see and experience whatever perspective the government wants to project? It’s just stupid to come back and think that what was experienced or was said was representative of real life.

    The idea that Syria and Iran can be instrumental in stabilizing Iraq is laughable – those countries are largely the cause of the instability. They are directly complicit in Lebanon/Gaza. I don’t know how much more obvious that could be. But it doesn’t seem possible to underestimate the intelligence inherent in the accepted wisdom of appeasement.

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