Economic Missles Launched by Iran and Venezuela Hit U.S.

December 12, 2006 by  
Filed under Politics, War and Economics

Iran and Venezuela have long engineered a move in the oil markets away from the Dollar in favor of the Euro to destabilize the U.S. economy and send the Dollar into a free fall. Now it looks like their plans are succeeding as many oil producing nations are fleeing from the greenback.

This move away from the dollar is part of a coordinated attack against the U.S. economically. Now the Bush administration is attempting to head off a free fall of the Dollar by sending Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and, most significantly, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke to China. As reported by’s Jerome Corsi, this move is an attempt to ease the free fall by convincing China’s central banks to not dump the Dollar. China holds a big stick over our head in this regard and could play a blackmail game as our huge trade imbalance with Red China sets us up for such currency attacks and manipulation.

This war is not over by a long shot, and expect the economic attacks against the U.S. by its growing list of enemies to expand as they aim for the soft underbelly of the U.S. economy.


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