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Only a few still remember 9/11 and fully realize the terrible threat this country is under. Not since World War II have we been under such a dire threat, and in many ways this threat is much worse than Japan and Germany due to its use of our own free system against us. One such person who knows this is the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch. Here is a recent quote from the man:

“To me, that is the crux of the matter. There is a war of civilizations being waged in the world with the Islamic fanatics subliminally seeking to storm once again the gates of Vienna, where, in 1683, they were defeated. If by threats of terror against them, the great media institutions can be brought to their knees, we are in big trouble. Before this occurred, I had no doubt that, no matter how difficult, no matter how long the war we are now engaged in continues, the democracies of the world would win, as they did when first facing Hitler and later Stalin. Today, I am no longer so certain.”

From the World Tribune.com. Here is the full article


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