Russian Arms Deals and Growing Russian Islamic Influence Point to Prophecy

December 7, 2006 by  
Filed under Politics, War and Economics

As I reported earlier, the greed of the Russian Criminal-Military complex is driving more and more weapons deals with Middle-Eastern states hostile to Israel. Now, Janes Defense reports in an article:

Advancing geo-strategic interests are clearly part and parcel of Moscow’s motivations. Russian policy makers believe that their extensive arms transfers enhance Moscow’s ties with Arab governments – – – Jane’s Defense Weekly

In Russia itself, the nation’s Muslim growing population will become a factor, and many experts including Paul Gobel, predict Russia will be an Islamic nation as this population exerts its influence. This factor will no doubt further enhance Russia’s foreign policy against Israel.

Again, as predicated by Bible, Russia, the historic “Magog,” will eventually be drawn with its military might into a conflict on the side that seeks the destruction of Israel.


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