The China Threat

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It’s my view that our lopsided trade relationship with Red China is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the negatives about this new Cold War adversary. The dumping of cheap goods on our shores, putting so many U.S. industries out of business, while at the same time systematically pirating billions of dollars of US software and using this illicit IT base to automate their industries is just one aspect.

Even more devious information has come out, including connections of high-level Chinese military to the selling of sophisticated weaponry (either Soviet or U.S. knock-offs) to both individual terrorist cells and to terrorist states. Conventional wisdom suggests that China is a partner of the war terror, but in reality Chinese weaponry and expertise are being used by Iran, Syria, and pre-invasion Iraq.

China spends hard cold cash in attempts to influence the U.S. political system. The Clinton era democratic scandal of soft money coming from China into the Clinton-Gore campaign is just one tiny visible example to a vast strategic effort by China to use our own political process against us.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that China’s military spending is growing and their training all points towards preparation of war with the U.S. Even their space program, which has been in the news with its high profile manned missions, is not like our NASA; it is controlled by the Chinese military and the design of their spacecraft are driven by military purposes, in particular the destruction of our satellite infrastructure. I believe that China’s goal is to use the moon as a base from which to launch anti satellite attacks.

North Korea is also has been viewed by the mainstream press as somehow detached from Chinese policy, while the stark reality is North Korea is very much under the control of Beijing, and to some degree is a the “pit bull” in China’s front yard. China feigns attempts to control North Korea, but it is Beijing’s billions that is keeping this despotic state going. with North Korea as its proxy towards arming America’s enemies.

The main argument given is against the above suppositions is “why would China destroy its own trading partner.” I actually think that China does not seek the wholesale destruction of the U.S., but rather it seeks to eliminate us as the reigning superpower and seeks eventual containment and control of our influence. It wants to enslave us to its means first by economic war and proxy support of our enemies, including those islamo-facist enemies, so we are involved in brush-fire wars, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I am neutral to the idea they where behind 9/11, but 9/11 did play into their hands.

Finally, as a Christian, I believe China is a force both against the U.S. and Israel. Prophecy in the book of Revelations (9:16) speaks of an army of 200 million going against Israel. China is the only nation who could field such a vast army.

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