The Organized Crime Syndicate with Nuclear Weapons

November 27, 2006 by  
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What if the world’s largest organized crime syndicate had control one of the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons delivery network?

This comic-book scenario is in fact what has happened with Russia. Russia’s Putin is effectively the world’s most powerful crime boss, and he’s acting like one. This year two high profile assassinations have made headlines. First high profile journalist Anna Politkovskaya, longtime critic of Putin, and now Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian Federal Security Service member turned Putin critic and co-author of “Blowing Up Russia: Terror from Within.” Litvinenko’s death, since he sought asylum in the UK, demanded more high-tech methods; he was killed with a highly concentrated radioactive isotope polonium-210, what Litvinenko’s father called a “tiny nuclear bomb.” However, these deaths are just the ones making headlines; the Russian crime boss is undertaking a policy of assassination and widespread intimidation against critics. This U.S. government report describes the rise of organized crime in Russian politics since the transition from the Soviets.

So why worry? This is no ordinary crime syndicate. Russia, with new oil and crime money, is building it’s nuclear armed forces. This buildup is going unnoticed in the west. While the Soviets were more ideologically driven, this new Russia is even more volatile, as it seeks money and power as objectives. This has prompted Russia to join forces with the highest bidder, in this case Iran’s Islamic extremist dictator. The Russian connection with the Iranian nuclear effort is clear, and recently Iran and Russia are more openly pushing their close relationship. Russia recently sold Iran the most sophisticated anti-missle system in the world.

The most interesting aspect here is this alliance was predicted in the Bible, in the ancient book of Ezekiel over 2,500 years ago. In Ezekiel 3839 Magog, the descendants of modern day Russia, join forces with Persia (Iran) and other nations in an attack on Israel. Now Russia is becoming increasingly more hostile to Israel, while cementing ties with the very nations mentioned in this ancient text. A wise person should pay attention and watch as this prophetic situation unfolds. Russia, the crime syndicate with nuclear weapons, is the one to watch.


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