A Scientific Fiction: A Distorted View of the UFO Phenomena

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The most pervasive propaganda has always been fiction that is packaged as truth. However, before people accuse me of hating Science Fiction,  let me make it clear that I not only enjoy Science Fiction, but I’ve written Science Fiction and studied it as a literary form at the post graduate level for several years.

The power behind the literary genre of Science Fiction is its ability to fire our imaginations.   Science Fiction is far more than the simple entertainment form. Science Fiction is a modern mythology;  it is our culture’s way of explaining the unknown.  It is accepted  as a form of speculative truth because it has done such a good job in one limited area, predicting technology.  For instance, long before there were nuclear submarines, Jules Verne wrote about such machines.

When it comes to unknown phenomena such as ufos and other unexplainable paranormal events, Science Fiction is the template through which  most people see these events.   For example, when a person encounters a nonhuman entity nowadays they more often immediately jump to the conclusion that the creature comes from outer space.  Likewise, when people encounter aerial objects that defy physics,  many assume a view that these are spacecraft from another planet.

The danger in using Science Fiction as a mythos to form your opinion about the unknown is that it is for the most part very limiting. Ironically, most people would see Science Fiction as exploring possibilities.  In practical reality, most people know Science Fiction via popular TV shows and movies which always gravitate towards conventional spacecraft and a universe filled with intelligent biological aliens.  With the growth of the UFO phenomena then, popular culture has “taught” people that these objects and creatures “must”  be aliens flying around in spacecraft.

Science Fiction developed in the 1800s about the same time people began interpreting strange objects seen in the sky as craft.  However, people have been seeing strange things in the sky prior to science fiction. In times past, prior to the so-called “enlightenment” of the industrial age and its mass media, most people  understood the unknown via religious traditions developed over thousands of years.

When I mention that UFOs may have far more connection to the historical understanding of fallen Angels and the study of demonology than they do spacecraft, some often laugh and dismiss that as an arcane pre-industrial view.  However, they refuse to see how their imagination and their acceptance of science fiction from popular media is causing them to jump to enormous conclusions about these unknown craft and creatures.

Refer to this quote from my article “The Various Sides of ET Deception:”

It is important to remember that some of the most respected, secular UFO researchers note these beings and their craft are “paraphysical” and “hyperdimensional.” . . . These beings are spiritual and yet are capable of entering our reality in a physical way. In a modern understanding, they can transcend into and beyond our reality into other dimensions that are unknown to us. It is entirely possible they can assume a physical appearance with the same ease you and I put on a costume. Refer to J. Allen Hyneck (Edge of Reality, 1975, 12-13); Jacques Vallee (Dimensions, 1988, 143-144); John Mack (Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, 1994, 404-405)

Science Fiction generally portrays extraterrestrials in two primary ways:  as benevolent saviors or as hostile aliens.   These simplistic viewpoints  ignore one major fact:  if these beings exist and are as powerful as they seem,  they are perfectly capable of understanding popular fiction and using it to their own ends.  It is no accident that legitimate UFO sightings by reliable witnesses contain shapes of aerial objects that are pulled right from the pages of our own popular Science Fiction;  these beings are using our own fiction as a method of representing themselves.

As these beings manifest more and more in our world, avoid the temptation to simplistically classify them via a popular culture we’ve been spoon fed so carefully via mass media.   Consider that very informed ancient cultures understood far more about this phenomena than we do in our mass media-driven haze.


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  1. drywind on Wed, 30th Dec 2009 1:51 pm 

    In related article – author LA Marzulli reviews the metaphysical message pushed by the spectacular film Avatar:

    AVATAR: An Exercise in Animism and Transhumanism!

  2. Alton Ragan on Mon, 5th Sep 2011 5:30 pm 

    What is own my mind is the first thing that happens at the rapture, is the dead in Christ will rise first, Why? A good answer is on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqAmHBEPAH0&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
    This shows a very interesting Bible verses that they will rise up like Jesus did and walk around to show themselves as in Matt27:52….I think you’ll find it quite interesting that in 1Cor 15:52 when that are raised to imperishable it means to cause to rise up and appear in public. I would like your feed back on it.
    Alto Ragan

  3. drywind on Tue, 6th Sep 2011 9:32 pm 

    Very interesting, Alton. To me, the passage in 1 Thessalonians 4 seems to suggest a physical meeting with Christ above the Earth both those believers who passed away and those still on the Earth. Taken along with 1Cor 15:52 I don’t see where it suggests a manfestation on the Earth proper. However, we do know that that when Christ came back from the dead many rose from the dead and indeed walked around with him. We must remember, all resurrection is connected with and manifests around the risen Lord. If the Lord is on the Earth, then no doubt the dead will raise and walk there just as Lazarus did. If the Lord is in the atmosphere, then that is where the dead will rise.
    The bottom line is not to sweat the details, but to trust the power of Christ to bring us out of death, both physical, mental, and spiritual and into a new life in Him.

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