A War in the Heavens – Ali Siadatan Interview on UFOs from a Biblical Perspective

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Born in Iran, and now based in Canada, Ali Siadatan has been involved in a life long search into spirituality. After examining many perspectives his heart was opened to the gospel and he become a disciple of the Nazarene. He feels that the hand that has guided him through life has led him into the examination of the relationship that exists between angels and UFOs.

Ali is the director of the critically acclaimed file UFOs Angels and Gods, and you can get more information at ThinkAgainProductions.com

DryWind.net Interview Notes:
A War in the Heavens – Ali Siadatan Interview on UFOs from a Biblical Perspective


Ali discusses how he became interested in UFOs with a discussion of Ezekiel’s vision in the Bible. Ali discusses how he became interested in UFOs with a discussion of Ezekiel’s vision in the Bible.
(Note: DryWind does not subscribe to the idea that Ezekiel’s vision was a UFO – a point I make later) 

Following this interest, Ali and his family had a dramatic sighting in Iran, while discussing Biblical prophecy. Ali’s sighting involved a UFO that went into the ground.

Ali was lead to understand the modern UFO phenomena is largely a deceptive enterprise by beings and the fallen angelic realm.

We discussed that the UFO manifestation appears to be largely from the fallen angelic realm.

While most people think of UFOs as coming from space, with Ali’s sighting in mind, we discussed how the Bible describes Hades or Hell as being in the center of the earth.  We noted how UFOs were connected with this underground realm, which may be dimensional. In Revelation 9 there is a discussion of demonic creatures which issue forth from the bottomless pit; could this be related to the beings which inhabit UFOs?

We discussed the increase of sightings in recent years and how this is a a milepost in a long struggle between God and his good angels and the fallen ones. The fallen being known as Satan and his angelic underlings used the guise of gods in the ancient world; now he uses UFOs and the ET phenomena among other things.

Ali discussed the rise of secularism and its indoctrination. In this anti-spiritual climate, the fallen angeles used the guise of ETs as an effective method of manipulation of humans and their political systems. This disguise is as accepted into our scientific age as the gods were to the ancient world.

In regards to these beings using our understanding, I describe how the UFO phenonmena has evolved along with our technology and science fiction.  For example, UFOs appeared as advanced blimps complete with propellers in the 19th century, while alter as our viewpoint advanced to understand spacecraft, they appear in the guise of spacecraft.

With this we discussed how the symbols and ideas of fiction are used by being in the spritual/mulidimensional realm as a “language of manifestation.”

Ali noted that it is important to remember these beings, the fallen angelics, have been on our earth longer than humankind has existed, and they are intimately aware of us and our perceptions.

The deception Ali notes is how these fallen angels are once again positioning themselves for worship as presenting themselves as saviors of mankind via their advanced technology. (I feel that they are presenting themselves in both positve and negative ways- like the “good cop-bad cop” method of manipulation as seen on TV shows. See this article >>

Ali then notes how the Bible notes that the prophesied anti-christ will come with all power and signs and lying wonders; which is the M.O. of the angelic alien deception. The energy crises is just one problem these angels could solve with their advanced technology.

With this I note how the aliens are also presenting themselves in a negative light and how this may be a fallen angelic deception to cause the world to fight against the returning Christ as is predicted in the Bible.

Ali then discussed angelic genetic manipulation on humans to create hybrids, non-humans which appear to be normal humans except they have have greater powers.

Ali discussed Dr. David Jacobs and his research on the abduction phenomena and the hybridization program. He says the latest reports on the abduction phenomena indicate hybrids are being placed in society so they have jobs, bank accounts, ect. for the purpose of integration with human society at the highest levels.

All this points to the Biblically documented genetic manipulation to corrupt mankind on the biological level, and to assume positions of rulerships.

We then discussed the Satanic attempts to destroy the Jews.  Following the Jewish holocaust we see the breaking loose of the UFO phenomena I urged listeners to Google “Battle of Los Angeles 1942” to see how the Foo Fighter phenomena was real and perplexed the military.  This close association of the phenomena with modern Jewish history points to how Satan is watching and vainly attempting to manipulate God’s prophetic clock. Now we see an increase once again in high profile UFO activity as the drums of war beat in the middle east.

We then discussed whether good angels use technology, and more specifically UFO technology. Ali asserted that the good angelic realm may well have technology. While I accepted the good angels may have technology, I said this does not mean they need or have UFO-like craft. I noted that the M.O. of current UFO sighting nearly universally point to the fallen angels; they drawn attention to themselves and away from God; they preach an alternative gospel that is different than the bible.  The M.O. of good angels in the Bible is to appear in bodily form without craft.  It is an oversimplification to say Ezekiel’s vision and Elijah’s ascention are due to a mechanical space craft anything close to the way we understand it. Bottom line is the UFO and abduction phenomena we see today has all the fingerprints of the dark, fallen realm as clearly described in the Bible.

We explored the idea that Satan is fallen and very well may be more limited in some ways than God’s angels in his access to other dimensions or realms.  Hence, the fallen angels may need ships while the good angels may not.  It is also possible he has engineered biological entities as minions and they need ships.

I discussed that the shape of UFOs may be a blasphemous mimicry of sacred shapes in some cases.  For example, there is the misidentification of sacred shapes in renaissance and middle ages art as UFOs; the fallen controllers behind the craft may very well be using these shapes today.

Ali discussed in the book of Enoch and how war is described in heaven. UFO crashes and other eyewitness accounts suggests to Ali that there is a literal war in the heavens taking place in the Inter-galactic physical plane.

I noted that our understanding of UFOs as craft is tied to our cultural paradigm of technology and science fiction.  Therefore to see the angelic realm as simply in spaceships may be even more inadequate as the ancients seeing this phenomena as earthly horses and chariots.

Ali noted that the new version of  UFOs, Angels, and Gods is at ThinkAgainProductions.com.  He is working on a new production on the RFID technology and abduction implant cases. He is also working on a work of fiction.


5 Comments on "A War in the Heavens – Ali Siadatan Interview on UFOs from a Biblical Perspective"

  1. pavan on Sat, 18th Oct 2008 1:41 am 

    GOD returns with the glory and kill the antichrist and his armies(aliens)

  2. eve on Tue, 28th Oct 2008 7:44 am 

    I believe that the Antichrist will be a demon dressed in a human body that will come down to earth by, may be a UFO and deceive many that he is the returned christ, performing many wonders and miracles thus causing the falling away and destrucction of many. Jesus said as in the times of Noah so will it be in the end times – During the times of Noah there were Nephilms and sin was so grave.

    God bless

  3. drywind on Tue, 28th Oct 2008 9:49 am 

    There very well could be an “ET” (fallen angelic kingdom) lineage to this man of lawlessness. In Genesis 3 we have the “seed of the serpent” contrasted with the incarnate Christ – the “seed of the woman.:

    Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

  4. chris holden on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 2:18 pm 

    Hi I am a radio show host in chicago ..I. want to know if you be willing to do a live radio debate on the devil against john anderson live on are show.. thanks

  5. drywind on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 2:43 pm 

    Hi Chris,
    I’d recommend that you contact Ali Siadatan at http://thinkagainproductions.com/ or LA Marzulli at http://www.lamarzulli.net/

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