Is Israel a Catalyst for UFO Events?

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star_of_david_ufo.jpgWhile there have apparently been UFO sightings throughout history, it is the period in the last 120 years; from the late 1800’s to the current time that the frequency of sightings dramatically increase. This includes UFO “flaps,” where for a series of months or years the sheer number of sightings by responsible individuals increases, and the news media is forced to cover the weird events.

While some UFO sightings are either hoaxes or misidentified common craft, there remains a significant number of sightings that are observed by reliable trained observers or large numbers of people that defy explanation.

Some claim these sightings are linked to human technological development; these supposed “aliens” increase their visibility to observe our growing progress, especially in destructive weapons.

However, there is another historical development that correlates much closer to the ebb and flow of UFO sightings in the last 120 or so years; simply put, this is the return of the Jews to the historical land of Israel and the significance of this event on the Bible’s prophetic timetable.

What follows here are various milestones from the late 1800s to the current day correlated with major UFO flaps and events:

1870’s – 1890’s The Rise of Jewish and Christian Zionism and the appearance of strange “Airships”

theodor-herzl.jpgThe reality that the Jews could return to the holy land became possible with the Zionist movement in the 1880’s -1890’s. From the beginning, this movement was supported by Christians who realized the prophetic significance of this return. American ministers Dwight L Moody and a bit later William Eugene Blackstone preached the modern day importance of the return of Jews to the Chosen Land. In 1891 Blackstone and a number of important American business leaders and thinkers petitioned U.S. president Harrison for the return of Jews to their original land. In the same period, the 1880s to the 1890s, this push to return to the homeland was of course driven among Jewish thinkers in Europe, where leaders, such as Theodor Herzl, urged for the return to the homeland. All of this rose to the First Zionist Conference in Basel in 1897.

airship-ufo-late-1890s.jpgChristians were not the only ones keenly aware of the prophetic significance of statehood for the Jews. During this same period , roughly from the 1870’s through the 1890’s there was a growing rise in reports of strange airships in the U.S. and Europe doing feats no human technology could have managed at the time. (for this and other events refer to Isaac Koi’s excellent chronology of UFO sightings) It is interesting that the year of the first Zionist Conference 1897 was the pinnacle year for UFO sightings in the U.S. and Europe called the “Great Airship Wave of 1897.”

All the while the media of the time widely reported these manifestations to a population increasingly captivated with the subject of fantastic technology via the new literary genre of Science Fiction.

1900-1914 Zionism and Evangelical Dispensationalism Grows – Worldwide UFO Flaps

kibbutz-degania.jpgThe first part of the 20th century marked an ever increasing call for the Jews’ return from both Jews and U.S. Christians. The 1911 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia evidenced the movement’s growing popularity: “there is hardly a nook or corner of the Jewish world in which Zionistic societies are not to be found.”(Zionism article (section Wide Spread of Zionism) by Richard Gottheil in the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1911]

In 1909 the milestone event was the establishment of the first Kibbutz, Degania, in the historical land of the Jewish people. This watershed event would herald the beginning of the communal movement that would be the basis for settlement of the land by its original ancient inhabitants.

Also in 1909 the influential Scofield Reference Bible was published by Cyrus Scofield. The highly influential Scofield commentaries placed a revived Israel as central reality for “the Gospel does not abolish the covenant promises to Israel” (Scofield Reference Bible. 1917 edition, Introduction to Romans). With respect to those who disagree, overall this work represented a return of many U.S. Christians to the original teachings of the early church regarding the end times ideas of the Harpazo (Rapture), and the ufo-1909.jpgcontinued important role that the Jewish people (and therefore their land) would play in the end times prior to the return of Christ.

The very year of the influential Scofield publication and Kibbutz Degania, 1909, another dramatic wave of UFO sightings occurred in the U.S., Europe, and even in areas as far flung as New Zealand. This wave continued for a few more years, and once again, like an audience watching a stage play, the newspapers and the growing mass media picked up on the stories.

1917 The Balfour Declaration – The Fatima UFO

balfourdeclaration.jpgIn 1917 the a dramatic occurred for Jews with the Balfour declaration, in which the British promised a wide swath of land for the Jews. While Britain later backed off on this promise, this jump started the hopes and political will that would eventually lead to statehood later in the century.

fartima.jpgPreceding the public announcement of the Balfour declaration by mere weeks, one of the most highly witnessed and spectacular UFO events ever occurred in Fatima, Italy. Three children were visited by a small framed humanoid apparition claiming to be the Virgin Mary. This being promised to send a sign. Word spread across the war ravaged region and over 70,000 people assembled in the Fatima town center to witness a flying disc fly from the direction of the sun, zigzag in a classic UFO manner, and send multicolored lights that were felt as a drying heat. (refer to Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon by Joaquim Fernandes , Fina D’Armada).

1935-1945 The Jewish Holocaust and Foo Fighters

Hilter’s plan to wipe out the Jewish people was a dark mission that had it gone unchecked would have virtually exterminated the Jews. Hitler was also after the very land of the Jews. Hilter’s Afrika Corps would have taken Egypt and Palestine had it not been for tenacious American help in the British fight for North Africa. Hitler himself was deeply immersed in the Occultic arts and his inner circle communicated with the dark spiritual realm (refer to Ken Anderson –Hitler and the Occult).

battleofla.jpgAs this effort to exterminate the Jews wound up, on cue UFOs buzzed and harassed the Allied military and cities. Besides the thousands of “Foo Fighters” seen over Europe, craft were seen all over the world. In 1942 a brilliant object flew over the Los Angeles area for hours, was seen by thousands of credible witnesses, and was fired upon hundreds of times by the U.S. Army guns and aircraft without effect in what is now called the Battle of Los Angeles.

During this dark milestone in Jewish and world history, UFOs were more present than they had ever been. However, even this period pales in comparison to what would happen next.

1947 – 1959 – Israel Becomes a Nation – The Era of the Flying Saucer Begins

israelstatehood.jpgThroughout 1947 the diplomatic effort to establish the state of Israel was on the fast track and in November the newly formed United Nations introduced what would be perhaps the most crucial step to a reformed Jewish state; the 1947 Partition Plan to defined borders for the Arab -Jewish conflict that carved out a homeland for the Jews in their historical land. Once again, the curious 1947ufotulsa.jpgpattern of high profile UFO event occurred. While the plans for the state of Israel were being drawn, the most famous cases in UFO history occurred. with the Kenneth Arnold sightings and the Roswell UFO “crash” both in July 1947. UFO events became front page news worldwide and the term “flying saucer” entered the lexicon.

As Israel became a state in 1948, the forces surrounding it descended to attack. On cue, this year also marked deadly military interactions with UFOs as the high number of sightings continued. Air Force Captain Thomas F Mantell Jr died during attempted UFO intercept near Godman Air Force Base in Kentucky. Lieutenant George F Gorman of the North Dakota Air National Guard had a “dogfight” with a UFO as he approached Fargo, North Dakota.

washingtondc-1952-ufo.jpgThe founding of the state of Israel and the growing number of Jews returning to the land was the beginning of the most numerous time of sightings ever. It is not possible to list the sheer number of highly publicized sightings in the 1950’s here, however one of the most famous of the period occurred. when Washington D.C. was buzzed repeatedly in 1952. Sightings continued to make news throughout the 1950’s.

The question remains – if the occupants of UFOs are indeed focused on our nuclear technology, then why was 1947-48 so significant and not 1945, the year the first nuclear weapons where used? In 1947-48 the most historically significant political event was the establishment of the state of Israel and it is also the landmark period for UFO sightings; it is simply a matter of connecting the dots along with the previous decades worth of correlating events.

1967 – Six Day War, Jerusalem Recaptured and Air Force notes highest years of UFO Sightings in decade of the 1960’s.

jerusalem-1967.jpgThroughout the 1960’s Jews continued to return to Israel, and it was clear the state was here to stay. The run up to The Six Day War began in 1966 with Israel responding militarily to terrorist attacks. War broke out in 1967 with Israel miraculously succeeding against the massive forces arrayed against it. As a result of this war, Israel once more controlled Jerusalem after thousands of years in exile; this event was perceived by many to have great prophetic significance.

1967-ufo-flap-rome-italy.jpgDuring the run-up period immediately preceding the conflict and during the the 1967 war and aftermath, as reported in official Air Force documents, there were no higher years in the 1960’s for UFO reports than this period. (refer to 1967 – The Overlooked UFO Wave, by Richard H. Hall)

1973 Arab-Israeli War – “The Great UFO Wave” of 1973

Once again Israel’s neighbors attempt to annihilate the Jewish state. This time the superpowers were involved. Russia threatened to enter the war against Israel and deployed forces to do so; Washington responded by placing U.S. nuclear forces on alert and Russia backed down.  Once again the same strange pattern coninued.

ufo-ohio-helicopter-1973.jpgThe 1973 wave of UFO sightings even reached the pages of the scientific journal Nature, where respected UFO research J Allen Hynek referred to the period in an interview in Nature:

The scientists of the Center are preparing a report on the 1973 UFO wave in which 1,500 cases are listed. The sightings started in the southeastern states and, in Hynek’s words, “spread along the river valleys”. When published next spring, the report will be a valuable study of a major UFO event.

Hynek’s work has started a steady shift in public and scientific attitudes to UFOs which are documented in a revealing hour-long TV programme being screened coast-to-coast in December by NBC.

Nature October 4, 1975 Vol. 251, p. 369.

A Note on Tracking UFO Sightings in the current age.

Since the end of the 1970’s has been difficult to accurately track UFO “flaps” and therefore it is difficult to establish correlation with events in Israel. While there are organizations interested in UFOs, most of these organizations are without resources to track events on a large scale. While the Internet has improved this situation in limited ways; private organizations cannot adequately track worldwide sightings, simply because most legitimate sightings, such as those from airline pilots, are not reported. In addition, hoaxes and grandstanding falsehoods associated with the fringe UFO culture add more confusion to the mix. With this in mind I feel like our picture of this weird activity in this later period is incomplete at best. Nonetheless, some attempt at correlation can be made with flaps and events.

1990-1991 The Gulf War and UFO Flaps in Europe

scudmissilegulfwar.jpgThe Gulf War, with Scud ballistic missiles launched into Israel, seemed to put this prophetic nation at the brink again. Not surprising during the run up to the war in mid 1990 saw some events that even caught the interest of the scientific community. mexico-city-ufo-1991.jpgIn Belgium, numerous UFOs were caught on radar, and this led to a great deal of interest especially in Europe.

The year 1991 saw UFOs making amazing public appearances; In one of the most dramatic crowd sightings since the 1917 Fatima incident, silver disk flying objects and weird lights danced over the skies of Mexico city for the many consumer camcorders recording the July 11, 1991 total solar eclipse.

As in previous years, this event couldn’t have been staged better. Mexican news shows pushed the event to the world. The new age community boasted that this event was predicted by the Mayans, and this event is still pointed to by the New Age pagan community as a cosmic awakening.

1997-8 Prime Time Weirdness in U.S. and Israel

israelufo1998.jpgThe year 1997 was a major year for high profile UFO activity both in the U.S. and Israel. In Israel these events were especially odd with UFOs being seen in conjunction with strange multidimensional beings. Israeli UFO researchers, such as Barry Chamish and Gil Bar, reported a huge jump in reported sightings in 1997-8.

In the U.S., 1997 UFOs reports finally hit the mainstream news after decades. The 1997 Phoenix Lights sighting was a massive event of unexplained aerial objects over the American southwest. While some of the sightings may have been Air Force flares, the vast majority of sightings over hundreds of square miles reported by hundreds of people, including trained observers remain unexplained.

red-hiefer-1997.jpgIn both cases, Israel and the U.S., these 1997 high profile suggest a deliberate attempt to be “high profile.” Considering so many cases occurred. in the tiny nation of Israel during this time, it is clear the Jewish nation plays a major role in this phenomena. I can only speculate on what events occurred. on or just prior to 1997 that may be related to this upswing in activity. Oddly enough, it could be related to the birth of the prophetically significant “red heifer” in March 1997 just a few days prior to the Phoenix lights. Refer to an article by Dr. Stephen Yulish, “Ashes of the Red Heifer,” on this event. The birth of a perfect red heifer in Israel, not seen since the temple was destroyed in A.D. 70, was interpreted by many Jews and Christians as a sign indicating that the temple would be rebuilt in Jerusalem. Could it be that the beings behind the UFO and Abduction phenomena were watching this event and acted in anticipation of this event? I am not sure. The UFO events in Israel apparently reached their peak in the 90’s in October 1997. This year deserves more study in relation to prophetic events in Israel.

Current Times – The re-gathering of Israel’s Prophetic Enemies- Iran, Syria, Russia | Major UFO Events; Push for “Disclosure”

putinandamadijihad.jpgFollowing the 9/11/2001 attacks in the US, the Middle East has been on a rapidly growing war footing unprecedented in modern times. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rose to power in Iran, proclaimed the imminent return of the Islamic “messiah,” openly threatened Israel with destruction, and began to obtain the nuclear weapons to do this. Meanwhile, Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, began selling sophisticated weapons to Syria, Iran, and other enemies of Israel. Israel fought a war in the summer of 2006 against the Iranian backed Hezbollah, its amour suffered losses due to Russian and Iranian supplied anti-tank weapons. Now, with poor leadership, and its enemies massing on its borders, Israel prepares for an widespread war once again. The nations gathering for war against Israel remarkably were described in exact detail over 2600 years ago in the Old Testament’s Ezekiel 38 and 39.11-07-chicago-ohare-ufo.jpg

Just as an actor takes the stage at the right moment, the activity of strange craft in the sky once again made headline news after being pushed to the fringe for a decade. These recent UFO events are not seen by fringe people, but by pilots and other reputable sources. In November 2006 appearance of a disk shaped craft over the United terminal at Chicago’s busy O’Hare airport was reported by pilots, flight crew, and ground crew. The mainstream media picked up on this weird story in a big way. In June 2007 a huge UFO was seen over the English Channel by British airline flight crew and also widely reported. As of this writing, 11-07-stratford-avon-ufo.jpgUFO events in the UK seem to be epidemic, including a sighting seen by many eyewitnesses over Stratford-Upon-Avon. The abduction phenomena is also occurring at a much greater rate now according to academic researcher Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University.

All of this was occurring during a period when European governments, such as the UK’s Ministry of Defense, were starting to more actively promote their official case investigations to the public. Government officials in the U.S. are also beginning to move to disclosure, such as former Arizona Governor Fife Symington publicly admitted that the 1997 Phoenix Lights sighting was unexplained, and his original debunking was simply to keep the public calm. In November 2007 an unprecedented event occurred. when 14 former high-ranking military and government officials, including Symington, from seven countries shared evidence from their own UFO experiences and investigations. During this same period Space Shuttle astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave joined the growing ranks of astronauts who have seen explained 11-07-ufo-press-conference.jpgcraft.

At the turn of the year in 2008, UFOs broke into the headlines by the mass Stephenville, Texas sightings complete with Air Force jets chasing apparent craft. The Stephenville sighting was followed closely by a credible report that claimed the UN met, during the same time period as the sighting, with experts from several countries to discuss the UFO phenomena; the political spin of these supernatural events was increasing.

Israel’s war in Gaza in January 2009 topped of one of the most active UFO periods in recent times, with the media flooded by daily accounts of UFO reports. 

Groups such as the Exopolitic movement and the Paradigm Research’s political action committee call this “disclosure” of truth. However, rather than an open look at the evidence, these and many other groups seek to spin this disclosure into the view that ETs are here for world peace. However, the interest UFOs and these so-called aliens have in Israel and prophecy is anything but peaceful and certainly not heralding a disclosure of truth.

The Preparation for Deception

The bottom line conclusions we can draw from this weird timeline are:

  • The return of the nation Israel in modern times was not only an amazing political event, but was the miraculous fulfillment of a 3000 year old Biblical prophecy against all odds.
  • The various political and religious events leading to the modern Israel seem to be a catalyst that sets off many major UFO events, especially those with high profile media exposure.

Why would those behind UFOs be interested in Israel? Well, put simply, I believe Israel is an indicator where we are on God’s prophetic schedule. I feel UFOs are most likely a manifestation of multidimensional beings referred in ancient texts as fallen angels, these beings, who are enemies of God, watch Israel in an attempt to anticipate God’s move. Other researchers have been aware of this connection for quite some time. Some of the most dramatic UFO events in Israel occurred with multiple sightings of giant beings in association with UFOs. These giant beings may very well be connected with the genetic manipulations fallen angels described in the Bible as giants. Barry Chamish, a reporter who has covered covered UFO events extensively in Israel, published a book, Return of the Giants, that deals with this subject in depth in relation to UFO events in Israel.

Ultimately, these beings will very possibly play a role in “the strong delusion” described in the New Testament:

2 Thessalonians 9-11 (emphasis is mine)

9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

This is not to say that we can derive an exact date for the last days events and the second coming of Christ by looking at Israel. However, the events founding the nation of Israel was a perquisite:

The “end time” events described in the Olivet Discourse and the book of Revelation could not take place without Israel back in their land. Israel’s return to the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the 20th century is the most important event that signals the soon return of Jesus Christ.

…I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime…And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. -II Samuel 7:10-16

Israel’s rebirth as a nation has also served as a catalyst for other “end time” prophecies that are beginning to converge on the world scene (Dan 2:42-22; Ezek 38-39). The Apostle Paul told us “…that in the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Tim 3:1-7). Jesus said there would be a time of worldwide conflict and wars that would be “the beginning of sorrows” (Mt 24:8). Christ said, “except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved…” (Mk 13:20).

J. Michael Hile “The Last Generation” – Koinonia House

If the Biblical prophecy is just made up by some crazy red-state evangelical Christians, as some would have you believe, then why would so-called extraterrestrials in spaceships care about some tiny Jewish nation?

First, God’s prophecy is not made up; it is historically verifiable because many prophecies have already been fulfilled. Secondly, the beings behind some of these weird events are not simply “ETs” like the ones presented in Science Fiction but are powerful and malevolent multidimensional beings described in the Bible and other ancient texts.

These beings pay rapt attention to the fulfillment of these ancient, inspired texts we call the Bible. I believe their attention is drawn to this time line because it means their time is short on the earth before Christ’s return, when they will be bound. They manifest to the modern mind, condtioned by Science Fiction, as extraterrestrial beings. However, their appearance is far more varied and strange than this simple category. Jaques Vallee, the esteemed secular UFO researcher notes:

The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture…the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals…the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the [occult] entities that were described in centuries past.
-Dr. Jacques Vallee citing the extensive research of Bertrand Meheust [Science-Fiction et Soucoupes Volantes (Paris, 1978); Soucoupes Volantes et Folklore (Paris, 1985)], in Confrontations, p. 146, 159-161

Once one casts away preconceptions and realizes the Bible is describing a very real multidimensional war between good and evil, then such alien preoccupation with Israel comes into focus.


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  1. asianufology on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 4:50 pm 

    Very interesting article. There is a master-ufologist in Asia named Israel and his experience is truly extensive and supported by videos of his own encounters. It beat me to think….could his name has a connection to the title of this article?

  2. Tamara on Thu, 9th Oct 2008 3:07 pm 

    What an excellent article, jam-packed with information and interesting links, too. This was a thoroughly researched and comprehensive article that I’ll be coming back to often for further study. This certanly took a great deal of time and study to prepare, so let me thank you so much for this work!

    Certainly, these fallen angels, enemies of God and God’s people must be paying close attention to what’s going on in the world today, and especially as it concerns the Nation of Israel that I’m sure there will be an exponential increase in this activity. Definitely perilous and scary times and definitely time to draw ever closer to Yeshua HaMessiach; Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and only Refuge in times such as these.


  3. Observer-TheRealOne on Sat, 15th Jan 2011 4:10 am 

    Yep. You’re onto it. The challenge now is discerning between the ‘spirits’ as the Apostle Paul put it. When anyone is subject to an Alien encounter one ought to immediately “test” the messengers / ‘angels’. If they support Jesus, they’re the good guys. Any other spiel they give about “all paths lead to the Truth” and all that sort of talk is just rubbish. It appeals to human vanity and pride, rather than humility. If they offer additional texts or special ‘insights’, they’re arseholes. Only those who support THE Jesus Christ (Yeshua ben Yoseph of Nazareth) are the good guys. Be warned. The Great Deception is right round the corner.

  4. Susan Wolf on Thu, 11th Aug 2016 9:23 am 

    2 Thessalonians 9-11 (emphasis is mine)……This is chapter 2 that you omitted. Great article. I’ve been reading, “Angel Armies” by Tim Sheets and comparing it with this article. I’m becoming more aware of the “jobs” that the angels have concerning us & God.

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