Joe Jordan – Spiritual Warfare and Abduction Phenomena

Joe Jordan – Spiritual Warfare and the Abduction Phenomena (MP3)

As we enter 2009, I invite you to listen to this pivotal interview with MUFON director and Alien Abduction researcher Joe Jordon in this interview on Future Quake radio from this last August. Joe outlines the spiritual warfare and a high level of deception in the Abduction Phenomena.

Joe Jordan is President and co-founder of CE-4 Research Group. He is also MUFON State Section Director and Field Investigator for Brevard County, Florida, home of Kennedy Space Center. Joe works in Product Development and Engineering in the transportation industry. Joe Jordan says “”I am probably the most hated man in UFOlogy.”


9 Comments on "Joe Jordan – Spiritual Warfare and Abduction Phenomena"

  1. Bruce Collins on Fri, 2nd Jan 2009 9:16 pm 

    Outstanding interview!

  2. Paula Blankenship on Sat, 3rd Jan 2009 1:06 pm 

    I was wondering if you have ever heard about the Church Street lights in Malabar, Florida. This would have been around the early 70’s. 1972-1975 to be precise. You see, I lived in the church from whence Church Street got it’s name. I have always had some insight about what was going on and for the last thirty-something years have been setting on my thoughts about this.

  3. drywind on Mon, 5th Jan 2009 8:28 am 

    I have not heard about this particular case. Feel free to share your thoughts about this, I am interested.

  4. Faith on Sat, 6th Jun 2009 12:58 pm 

    Thank you for your work. I too am a survivor of their attacks. The belief and name of Jesus through God helped me. I know in my heart and soul that these are fallen angels. Do you think that most of our tech comes from them? I look at our world before what we have now, and I honestly think people were freer and happier before all our technology wonders. You know, like the waltons or Godly families like that that Got along and were truly happy and serene. This Knowledge, too much tech and power seems to have broken many families and lives. What’s your thoughts on this. How truly happy and at peace would we be living off of natural nature and our true self,not to mention all the destruction wrong tech has caused our planet. Do you think it’s just coincidence that mac is an apple logo and they had the number 666 associated with them? I just have to question what is good tech,and what is not. I just think it is scary to see so many messed up families and deceived people in the world. Are we really building a better world with tech? Or a worse world? Does it really make us happier? Or sicker? I can’t tell you How many families are broken up due to our new toys. I know, and have had so many propositions from men who wanted me to move in or marry them. There long hours of selfish,greedy involvement to make more and more money. And just run more and more from the truth of God. Then spend time with computer sex, prostitutes,selfish greed and more toys that never satisfy. As they get uglier,grochier, and meaner, they eat, think and participate in life wrong. God intended the family. Man and women to be first. These peoples homes are empty things that leave a hole so vast. Not to mention, men and women aren’t Men and women any more. I am a beautiful,Good middle aged women and the so called opportunities,are in reality sign your soul over. It truly is hard to have the christian family that I long for so much in these end times. I do know that that there are really Good people out there too! Like YOU! Love and light!
    I think that these fallen angels do have the ability to change DNA and create monsters for those who have a lustful,greedy side to them. Perhaps these abducts have a hidden dark obsession,or want to align with fallen angels for some reason. Only God knows it all. Love and light!

  5. Guy Malone on Fri, 8th Jan 2010 2:17 pm 

    Hi Faith,

    Re: “Thank you for your work. I too am a survivor of their attacks.”

    Praise God, thanks for sharing this here. I work with Joe, and wonder if you have shared your testimony with him? Many people write out these stories to add to the Testimonies page. E-mail me at the HQ address, or Joe at the CE4 address if you’re willing to do so.

    Guy Malone

  6. drywind on Fri, 8th Jan 2010 2:26 pm 

    It is an honor and a blessing to have you on DryWind!

  7. Paula Blankenship on Fri, 27th Aug 2010 8:45 pm 

    In June of 2009 I wrote asking if anyone had ever heard about the Church Street light in Malabar, Florida. I forgot about them, until recently, and now I can’t help but obsess about the apperitions. I lived in the old church in the early 70’s. At this time Church Street was a remote road off of Malabar Road. I became aware of this phenomenon when I began to see strange cars park on the road. The road was mainly farm land on one side and a canal on the other side. It was very forelorn and cars parked on the road sparked my interest. I went out one night and asked the people what they were doing there. They were just standing in the middle of the road staring into the distance. Someone told me they were waiting for the light. The light would appear suddenly. I was hooked. Night after night I sat with friends waiting for the light. Sometimes it would appear to be moving towards us. When we would try to follow or chase the lights they would move, keeping just out of our range to identify their origin. We ruled out a car creating an illusion. We smoothed out the sand road and never found tire marks. There was no sound, and like I said before this road was way off the beaten track. During the day we would investigate by walking the road looking for any signs of someone perpetrating a hoax. We found nothing. Like I said it was no-man’s-land out at the edge of a great swamp. To make matters even scarier was when one of the farmers whose farm abutted my little “farm” had one of those horrifying cattle mutilations. I saw the cow myself and it looked as though someone had dissected it in some sort of experiment. Also, there was no blood to be found. When half the cows face was missing and it had large “slices” missing there should have been lots of bleeding. It was surreal. The house I lived in was notorious for being “haunted” and it sure lived up to it’s reputation. I would have “night terrors” and my friends said I talked to someone in my sleep. I would often sleep walk. I would wake up outside, scared and confused as to how I got there. Even when I had a couple of friends stay with me, to watch over me at night, I was able to slip pass them and wake up outside terrified and confused.
    I moved back home in Ohio after 5 years of living there and I still dream about that place. I know the story sounds crazy and dillusional but believe me it happened! All these years later I still need to know the truth about all the weird events on Church Street.

  8. drywind on Fri, 27th Aug 2010 10:32 pm 

    I am concerned about this. These events often follow us throughout our lives even beyond the locale in which we first encountered them. Having know this sort of oppression in my own life, the only answer is to turn from the darkness to the light. The only light is that of Jesus Christ. I don’t mean following some plastic-fake TV preacher. I mean getting down on our knees and pleading the living Blood of Christ over the darkness in our lives, in our ways, and all the parasitic dark spirits that feed off of this.

    Once you do this with a real heart, and open the Word of God, you’ll see such a wonderful change it will seem like night and day.

  9. Paula Blankenship on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 5:24 pm 

    I told my story of the Malabar lights and I was hoping that someone has a recollection of the events. This is one of those things that you can’t forget and 40 years later I really need to know. experienced [it]. At the time, people used to come out by the carloads to watch the phenomenon. Someone has to remember.

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