The Longing

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The modern world has done its best to try to deny the existence of God.  In the western world, the Judeo-Christian ethic has been largely marginalized.  Yet despite this a longing remains for many people, who are discovering that no amount of money, drugs, or momentary pleasure can satisfy a desire for something more- a greater reality beyond this all-too-short life.

With the God of the Bible no longer acceptable, the longing is pushing many towards a worship of the alien: a belief that benovelent, helpful otherwordly creatures with superior technology will pull humans out of the pit they have dug for themselves.

UFO religions are well documented, and are only increasing with time.  The most recent of these religious movements is guised in the “exopolitic movement,” whose goal is to “out” the existence of a so-called benevolent extraterrestrial intelligences.  The goal is not objective and scientific, but is the harbinger of a spiritual movement for “earth transformation.”

In my opinion (and I welcome dissenting views), while these UFO religions will indeed result in spiritual experiences, they will not produce the legitimate peace that only God through Christ can provide. The reason is that this expolitic religion is tied in with an age-old practice of worship of non-human intelligences who are absolutely deceptive and opposed to God.   Wrapped in a costume of light, these entities can only duplicate fleeting emotion and spectral titillation , but cannot duplicate the eternal salvation and lasting internal peace available through faith in Christ, God’s only son who died and resurrected for all who choose to accept his free gift.


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  2. Guy Malone on Fri, 8th Jan 2010 2:22 pm 

    Good article and website! Glad I found it just now.

    Mike Heiser (whom you linked to in this article) spoke again recently in Roswell. I wanted to thank you for the links on the right side of the page, and humbly ask if you would consider adding “Christian Symposium on Aliens” as well – there are free videos online there, plus the entire conference available on DVD.

    Aside from the AR link, feel free to include my personal site if you like as well – “Guy Malone”

    And please keep up the good work – nice articles!

    Guy malone
    Roswell NM

  3. drywind on Sun, 10th Jan 2010 1:59 am 

    I’ve added the links. I hope all who visit will get the great material from the Roswell Ancient of Days conference.

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