The Media Guns for UFO Disclosure- Will the Truth be the Victim?

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As I discussed last year, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense has published publicly many of its UFO research files that were otherwise only available upon request. The news media has been rapidly discovering something that we’ve known all along: UFOs are sighted by reliable, independently verifiable witnesses such as Military pilots, Commercial pilots and ground personnel.

The mainstream media has picked up on two stories recently from these MOD files:

Even though these are older accounts, they come against the backdrop of one of the most dramatic years for UFO sightings, especially in the British Isles. It is important to remember that the timing of these events are not accidental; about a year ago a very respectable panel of experts pushed for the renewed study of the UFO phenomena in a press conference in Washington, DC.

Others, such as the new-age Exopolitcal movement, are pushing not for a neutral examination of UFOs, but rather a charged view that they are here as saviors.  Others will claim that they are a threat. All of this adds up to increased confusion in the public rather than disclosure, a confusion which will ironically feed into the hands of the dark entities behind these manifestations.


2 Comments on "The Media Guns for UFO Disclosure- Will the Truth be the Victim?"

  1. Atrueoriginall on Tue, 21st Oct 2008 2:26 pm 

    Disclosure via mainstream media was a dream and many had hopes that such could be responsible. However, such has backfired since they tend to lean on the National Enquirer look about them such as the woman who reported to the MoD that she was an alien that reincarnated into a human body in the 40’s after her spaceship crashed.

    For the norm, they just look at that and pretty much dismiss the rest. Add to that a taste of what Exo-politics presents and we’ve lost them completely.

    I’m very fed up with the media as of late. I wrote this yesterday, which somewhat pertains to your article here..

    Mainstream media has gone daffy

  2. L. A. Marzulli on Tue, 21st Oct 2008 3:41 pm 

    I BLOGGED about this on Monday! We should do another interview soon…

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