Powerlines, UFOs, and the Paranormal

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UFO Power EffectsUFOs are associated with disruptions in electrical transmission systems and this is evidenced by the recent accounts from the UK, where hundreds of of witness in various areas of the country have observed unexplained aerial objects

In November a large power outage was reported in Chorey in the central UK when two primary sub-stations mysteriously lost power to 14,000 people. A weird sighting of a globe and a cross were seen over the area during the outage.

John Szwarc, of Greenside, Euxton, was travelling along Runshaw Lane in his car at the time of the blackout and says he saw two strange objects flying across the sky.

He said: “There were two UFOs. The main one was a huge bright cross which shone with a brilliant silver colour, although my wife thought that it was more a gold colour.

“There was also a small globe or circular object close to it composed of the same uncanny brilliance.

“Both were static in the daylight sky and both disappeared at exactly the same moment. – Lancashire Evening Post

This was followed by a high profile sighting in Bury on December 1 which also involved a power outage.

Police confirmed a man reported the sighting. The man, who did not want to give his name, said he was walking near the cathedral at around 10pm when there was a sudden power cut.

“I looked up at the sky – I was quite frightened. There was a grey thing spinning around and around. About four or five other people were looking up at the sky.” – Bury Free Press

In the United States recently, UFO researcher Dick Criswell noted how the massive power outage in Florida on February 26, 2008 coincided with many weird objects being seen in the Florida sky, some apparently over the Turkey Point nuclear power plant. The power outage apparently resulted from the highly improbable failure of two unrelated pieces of critical equipment:

This was an extremely unusual occurrence,” Tampa Electric Co. President Chuck Black said.
Source Tampa Bay Online

This reporter experienced an event in 2005 where an unexplained aerial object was associated with power line disturbance on the same day a large section of Los Angeles lost power for unexplained reasons.

Now, I am not saying that all power outages are due to UFOs, but historically, UFOs have been associated with major power outages from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s (Refer to this article). The power disruption effects of these strange craft was studied back in 1983 by NICAP (National Investigations Commitee on Aerial Phenonmena). The author of the study concluded that UFOs produce an ionizing effect that disrupts the normal flow of current, causing arcing and grounding short circuits.

In this manner of electrical field effects, UFOs have much in common with other paranormal phenomena. Those who investigate hauntings have long noticed electromagnetic disruptions. This connection, I believe, is not a coincidence. While no doubt some UFOs are just experimental military craft, others demonstrate “spirit-like” abilities that defy physical reality such as instantaneous 90 degree turns at high speed, morphing into objects and shapes at will, and the ability to go through solid objects. Furthermore, these manifestations flaunt their abilities in populated areas, not in deserted testing ranges like experimental military craft.

Respected Ghost and Paranormal researcher Joshua P Warren has repeatedly makes the connection between UFO and Ghost manfiestation:

Investigator Joshua P. Warren returned, sharing his latest research on active paranormal sites, in places such as Puerto Rico. More than ever, he is seeing a relationship between UFOs, ghosts, aliens and cryptids– and noticing that more than one type of these activities are taking place at specific locales. – Coast to Coast AM August 19, 2008

Some may counter that UFOs are often described as physical craft, so they cannot be spiritual. I would agree, UFOs are physical; however this does not mean they are not also multidimensional (spiritual). One must remember that physical manifestations from what we call the spirit realm can be similar to the way an actor uses a “prop” in a stage play; it suites the purpose of those behind this phenomena and it also interaction with the audience. Besides spirit-like electrical fields, physical UFOs demonstrate other characteristics that point to being a culturally relevant prop from extra-dimensional realities:

UFOs are manifestations from a larger, multidimensional world that surrounds what we call the physical world. Modern physics is recognizing multiple dimensions as a likely reality. If you take out all the cultural bias about the spirit world derived from fiction stories and really understand its implications, then you can see the spirit world is really another term for other dimensions outside of the reality we perceive.

All of this comes into a clearer focus when you take into account the most in-depth historical book on the spirit world: The Bible. The Bible is not some old dusty outdated book, but it addresses this multidimensional reality as an intrinsic element of the created universe. (Please refer to Quantum Physics: The Boundaries of Reality, by Chuck Missler). UFOs are a continuum of interaction between extra-dimensional beings and humans that has been going on for as long as humans have been on this earth.

The Bible discusses these beings in two basic root classes, God’s angels and fallen angels. Both classes of angels appear in the Bible as tanglible physical manifestations, often in disguise. While the good angels often appear as humans to blend in while completing their divine missions, the fallen angels manipulate their appearance to deceive  (being described as an “angel of light” and serpent beings in some passages). Furthermore, the fallen ones are described as being deceptive manipulators of technology, genetics, and overall very comfortable and aware of all human technology (refer to Chuck Missler’s study). It is important to remember angels are not the little winged fictional creations on Hallmark greeting cards; they are powerful multidimensional beings, created by God, with great diversity and a complex hierarchy.

The Bible stresses that the dimensional existence which includes fallen angels are of many levels and species. The common electro-magnetic disruptions of this manifestations show a common origin of UFO and Ghost manifestation, and this origin is from the dimensional, spiritual existence that is now interacting in ever increasing manners with our physical sphere.


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  1. drywind on Tue, 13th Jan 2009 11:31 pm 

    A Postscript:
    Early January 2008 a UFO is reported to have struck a power generation wind turbine in the UK at Conisholme, Lincolnshire.


  2. drywind on Sat, 28th Nov 2015 3:22 pm 

    Interesting historical article regarding tbe connection between UFOs and powerlines:

    Saucers on the Hot Line, TRUE Report On UFOs, 1967
    From seektress.com

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