UFOs and China’s Space Attacks – Moving Towards the Nuclear Apocalypse and World Deception

This last week saw two events that seem to be unrelated. On January 11, China launched a ballistic missile to destroy a target satellite in a demonstration of its ability to defeat U.S. satellites designed to detect and defend against nuclear attack. Also, hot on the heels of the highly published Chicago Airport UFO, on January 9, the media again picked up that an Air Force Colonel sighted a formation of UFOs flying over Arkansas. What’s even more interesting than the UFO sightings themselves is the mainstream media reporting on these events.

So how is this increased media discussion of UFOs related to China’s anti-satellite weapons test?

It is clear the world is moving towards a nuclear war; China’s aggressive actions are especially provocative since North Korea, Iran, Russia are all becoming increasingly aggressive toward the United States. As I reported back in December, China’s space weapons are focused to “blind” the US so we cannot detect or defend against a nuclear attack. If that wasn’t enough, On January 7, Israel deliberately leaked to the media that it plans to use tactical nuclear weapons to defeat Iran’s nuclear bomb threat. The world waits for the mushroom clouds; TV shows like Jericho and 24 add to the public frenzy. The world asks, who can save us from this?

This is where the UFOs and the growing tendency of the mainstream media to report on them fits in. As I have explained in previous articles, many are looking to so-called “aliens” to “save us from ourselves.” They expect these beings to help stop a nuclear war. If one or more nuclear weapons are used in the coming months or years, this belief will spread beyond a few kooky new-agers to become a much more mainstream view as UFO sightings become more common.

I believe a great deception is coming. Many truly unexplained UFOs are a manifestations of extremely malevolent, highly advanced, multidimensional entities called fallen angels. As we approach the prophetic events predicted by the Bible, these arch-enemies of Jesus Christ are going to do everything in their power, which is considerable, to prevent people from believing in God. These recent high profile sightings are a deliberate attempt to get noticed; as this conflict continues to heat up, expect more weird sightings.

Finally, the “aliens” may even stop or reduce a nuclear exchange, making them appear to be mankind’s saviors. In recent months, Iran has been in the grip of UFO frenzy – with UFOs seen over their nuclear facilities. Those who think these are UFOs are U.S. craft are not informed; there is no reason our stealthy aircraft would make themselves visible in this fashion.

But don’t be fooled; these beings are not out for our good, as they are the very definition of evil.

When Christ decides to remove those who believe on him from the Earth, these beings will attempt to explain this great disappearance away as caused by “extraterrestrials.” Their power is considerable, they are not just spirit beings, they have high technology and will fool many. However, their days are numbered, as Christ will return to judge. You cannot remain on the fence during this upcoming conflict; please choose Christ before it is too late.


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