Rivers, UFOs, and Paranormal – The Confines of the Fallen Ones

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The sightings started in the southeastern states and, in Hynek’s words, “spread along the river valleys”. Interview With J. Allen Hynek, Nature, October 4, 1975, Vol. 251, p. 369.

The Hudson River valley remains a UFO and Paranormal Hotspot, but it is not unique.  The world is filled with weird occurrences in association with certain rivers.

The Hudson River valley remains a UFO and Paranormal Hotspot, but it is not unique. The world is filled with weird occurrences in association with certain rivers.

Esteemed astrophysicist and UFO skeptic turned UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek noted the strange connection between UFOs and rivers.  Legitimate UFO sightings can occur in any locale but a signficant proportion of high profile cases occur along major rivers and river valleys. 

Hynek himself studied the famed Hudson River Valley sightings in New York which remains one of the best documented and unexplained sightings of all time. Beyond simply lights in the sky, these sightings included contact with non-human entities and other paranormal events.  

For another example, one of the most scientifically documented cases of a paranormal “hotspot”, an area of Utah known as Skinwalker Ranch hosted a bizarre range of UFO, poltergeist, and cryptozoological activity. SkinWalker ranch is only a few miles from the Colorado River, with Uinta River running right through the ranch.  It is this river and its basin that seemed to be a hub of very negative paranormal activity.

The UFO and non-human entity relationship shows up promimently in another river-connected case, the so-called Mothman sighting surrounding the collapse of the Silver River Bridge in 1967.

The collapse of the Silver River bridge was the dark climax of paranormal activity centered on the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

The collapse of the Silver River Bridge was the dark climax of paranormal activity centered on the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, West Virginia the"mothman" incidents in 1967 along the Ohio River at Point Pleasant West Virginia. The mothman was a winged creature seen by various independent witnesses in association with UFOs and other dark entities. The mothman was nothing short of a description of a highly malevolent multi-dimensional being- very likely a fallen angel. The river connection with this incident took an ironic dark twist with the collapse of the Silver River Bridge near Point Pleasant at the same time as the incidents had occurred.

The river connection would remain enigmatic if it where not for the single ancient document that provides the most insight into the paranormal and spirit world – the document we refer to as the Bible.

Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

Revelation 9:14-15

It is clear that rivers are more than simply bodies of water. There is a spiritual / dimensional aspect to them.  I cannot speculate how powerful multi-dimensional beings can be bound in a river; I must conclude there is an aspect to earth’s geography that extends beyond our limited perception. When the Bible speaks of angels who were bound, it could be referring to a very specific group of fallen angels who attempted to manipulate genetically with humans in a vain attempt to thwart the plan of God. It is my contention these fallen angels are beginning to manifest on the earth again, especially around geophysical areas where they are somehow dimensionally bound by God.  It is no accident that rivers are the focal point of UFO and paranormal activity- activity that is not extra-terrestrial but rather intrinsic to the temporary fallen state of this world.  The good news is that this incursion will be forever banished at the return of Jesus, which I feel is closer than ever.


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  1. Cherokeehippie on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 11:55 am 

    I agree!! I had always felt rivers and fallen angels..or certain kinds of fallen angels were connected somehow to rivers, etc!! Near here where i live, I really feel creepy vibes on the local river. Not just lights and UFO’s, but also, I believe that there fallen angels in the form of giant serpent/dragon type entities. I was camping at a certain campground one time and had a demonic attack in my sleep. I dreamed of a giant huge snake/dragon hovering over me. I mean compared to it’s size, i was like a pin. I woke up feeling evil. Some people who don’t understand, joked and thought it was because my subconcious mind was scared of snakes because I was camping,etc. I knew it was more than that! I later found out that that area has always had bad stuff going on there, tornados, a civil war battle, A Native burial ground disturbed, rumors of satanic rituals, a local brothel or moonshine operation, etc. ‘house hauntings’, etc. I personally believe, that just like the fallen angels chained up at the Euphrates in Rev 9:14-15, so, there is also one here at this area in Arkansas where i live.
    I later learned that my tribe, the Cherokee, and other Native American tribes all have stories of certain giant snake monsters that live in particular areas of rivers, valleys, etc and were avoided by the Native people. One famous area is the Piasa petrograph on the Mississippi River near Alton, ILL.

  2. drywind on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 12:52 pm 

    Cherokeehippie (love that name;)
    That is fascinating in regards to the native Americans. Your experience does not surpirse me either. Certain geographical locations are tied to these fallen ones. The blood of Christ overcomes all that, and as His child these things have no ultimate power, but can still try to scare you.

    These beings have a distinct heirarchy as indicated in Ephesians 6 and elesewhere. Tom Horn, Stephen Yulish, Steve Quayle and others propose that the disembodied demons that Christ casts out in mass in the Gospels are the un-human spriris of the Nephilim angelic-human hyrbids. These forever orphaned entites are under the ultimate command of fallen angelics. These demonics could also be concentrated somehow in these river prisons/portals (wild speculation here).
    The bottom line is that as parasitic familars they feed on the deprativty of humans and will often re-enact the actions of their long dead human hosts in “costume”, hence the ghost type activity.

  3. Cherokeehippie on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 2:09 pm 

    Thanks Drywind! I agree! I forgot to add, after I had waken up from the dream, I and not only feeling evil, but I discern in the Spirit small demonic snakes in the ground underneath me. It was very unpleasant feeling. Needless to say, the next morning, I moved to a different camping area 5 miles away!..I wondered why Abba allowed me to experience that. But I think I know why now. I’m also glad to find your site!! I’m putting your site down as one of my favorites! I also keep up with Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, etc!

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