U.K. Airline Pilot UFO Sighting – Moving towards Deceptive Disclosure

June 24, 2007 by  
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In a parallel path, as prophetic events in the middle east move towards global war, highly publicized UFO sightings are on the rise with the report last week from British Airline pilots of two huge craft over the English Channel. This event was once again headline news on mainstream media such as Fox News. All of this pushes us to an orchestrated event, “official disclosure,” where world governments publicly admit that the UFO phenomena is more than swamp gas and the planet Venus.

Governments are beginning to move towards this disclosure. The UK’s Ministry of Defense announced that it will be putting its UFO case investigation files on a publicly available web site. The UK joins other nations making public their official UFO case files and claim they are simply responding to a huge public demand for information on the subject of UFOs.

It is no accident that all of this is occurring. UFO sightings by reliable witnesses such as commercial air crews and military personnel are being reported to the public in a big way. Moreover, the manifestations of this phenomena in heavily trafficked commercial airspace point to deliberate “showcasing” by the entities behind this phenomena. It is clear they want the press.

While it is great to have official case files to view, the danger in “disclosure” is that it is not necessarily a disclosure of the truth. Disclosure will likely be “spun” as a tacit endorsement of the standard view that those behind UFO sightings are simply biological extraterrestrials, most of who are out for our own good. This is the view the well funded and positioned exopolitic political action movement is pushing. The evidence points to something very different and when mated with historical accounts, suggests a multidimensional terrestrial phenomena that is based on trickery and manipulation toward very evil ends.


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