Why are Aliens Green?

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While some alien abductions claims are probably psychological delusions, serious academics studying this phenomena such as Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University and the late Dr. John Mack of Harvard Medical School came to the conclusion a significant percentage of alien abductions suggest multidimensional beings are in fact taking people against their will for unknown purposes.

One of the most curious aspects of this weirdness is that many abductees report the entities tell them what can only be described as the standard “green” environmental line we hear so much of today. These so-called aliens tell abductees about how mankind is destroying the planet and how they, as superior beings, are here to help us to prevent man made environmental disaster. Refer to a quote from abductee Jim Sparks as interviewed on the Richard Syrett show recently on June 28, 2007:

During the course of the mass abduction everybody was pulled to one craft in particular, and that’s were we got lessons literally on what the Earth was like environmentally when it was was, so to speak, virgin and unhurt and how it grew into being in the danger zone where we are today.
Jim Sparks – Interview, Richard Syrett Radio Program, June 28, 2007

Now why would these beings push this line to abductees? If these ET were really concerned about the environment, why wouldn’t they just provide us with technology to fix the problem? Considering that many respected climatologists and meteorologists are now questioning man-made climate change, why would these aliens push this increasingly outlandish and simplistic view on their captive humans?

The answer lies, I feel, in understanding that these aliens are highly malevolent, deceptive beings, connected with what the Bible and many other ancient historical texts of various cultures refers to as the Nephilim, or what we now call fallen angels. The green propaganda is yet more in a long line of deceptive and contradictory information that comes from these beings. It is possible that this lie seeks to explain away the coming judgment from God on this earth as “climate change” caused by man. Whatever the reason, it shows how the ecological is a pawn in the great spiritual war going on for the souls of humankind.


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